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13 October 2010 @ 08:31 am
holy shit guys, i'm still writing my startrekbigbang and posting has started. at least my date isn't until the end of the month, because this draft keeps on expanding and i haven't even had time to go back and edit.

which is making me all kinds of nervous, because right now it's... 84 pages (WTF) and 28.5k words. this will easily be beyond 100 pages when it's done, and what's even more frightening is that i'm sharing this with a fandom as a newbie. at this point i don't even care if nobody reads it except for my beta and fanmixer. it will just feel SO GOOD to finish a project of this magnitude. at least i've written the ending, which i always have to do for bigger fics so i have some tangible idea of where it's going. but OMG.

why did i think that i could do this as a graduate student when my average work day is twelve hours long plus homework? and why didn't i write more in august instead of wasting time thinking, "i still have another month?" but that's beside the point.


have a snippet :D

from Measure of a Man:

The question is directed towards Blake, but then Freed sees Leonard in the other corner. “You’re invited too, McCoy. If you even go to bars.”

Blake snickers, but Leonard sees the invitation for what it is, as nothing more than forced politeness. It’s clear they’ve already made plans for the evening, and they weren’t meant to include him. Jim asked him out for a drink earlier but Leonard declined, using work as an excuse. It was mostly true, and as much as he wants to say no to these assholes, he knows he also needs to make a better effort at getting along with them.

“Of course I do,” Leonard snorts, “I can put booze away as well as the next man.”

Freed scoffs. “Now that’s something I’d like to see.”

“I could drink you under the table,” Blake proclaims.

Leonard rolls his eyes, though the action is directed more at Blake’s arrogance than the challenge. “You wish.”

If this is how he has to earn their respect, then so be it.
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