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16 November 1986

about a girl
23. Taken. Pianist. Democrat. Artistic. Passionate. Compassionate. Optimistic. Hopeless romantic. Idealist. Dreamer. Trustworthy. Ambitious. Loyal. Writer. Fangirl. Spiritual.

the fandoms
I tend to fall in love with ships that will never appear in canon--although there are a couple exceptions. But, in a way, it makes fanfiction more fun for me!

Harry Potter. Draco/Hermione, Severus/Hermione, Fred/Hermione, Lily/Severus.
Lord of the Rings. Faramir/Eowyn, Aragorn/Arwen, Eomer/Lothiriel. The one fandom where canon, for me, is like the bible. I can't accept any other pairings but these.
24. Jack/Teri, Jack/Chloe, and recently, Renee/Larry. LOVE the new season!
Merlin. A recent addition to the list! I love Merlin and Arthur friendship/hurt/comfort, and fics that explore and test the relationship of all the characters. Expect to see much more fic from me in the future!
I also squee over Pirates of the Caribbean (I am kind of a closet Norribeth shipper) and Coupling, because Jack Davenport is teh awesome. I am also getting addicted to Fringe, and love the interaction between the Bishops.

the journal
At the moment, this is kind of partially friends only. All my fic is unlocked. Other than that, this is a place for posts about conservatory and my struggling to be a non-starving musician, political discussion, my so far failed attempts at romance, introspection, fangirling of all kinds, and other more general nerding about. If you see anything that interests you, please just leave a comment on my friends-only post--don't be shy! We can have something in common or even nothing. I love having an eclectic flist!

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My fanfic journal is intheminormode. It is still being constructed, but eventually everything I've written and will write will be there, so feel free to watch it!

I have been a past moderator along with bewarethesmirk of the hp_summergen fic and art exchange, and was co-mod of the faramirexchange with arahiril!

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